Congratulations on signing up for your First Two Free Weeks of Sweat-olution 10 week challenge! I am so excited for you to start your commitment to a healthier YOU! Be on the lookout in your Inbox for access to your free workouts and more details. In the meantime, a few tips on getting the most from your workouts:

· Every workout should start with a warm-up, which could include a light jog, a march or quick feet. Always start with a warm-up not a stretch.

· Always stretch after your workouts because it’s better to stretch out warm muscles than cold. Your Sweat-olution workouts will include a stretch.

· Take your breaks during workouts as needed. Listen to your body and reward it, don’t punish it.

· Eat whole grain, fiber, vitamin-rich foods. Don’t be tempted by Diets, especially when you add working out to your lifestyle.

· Drink plenty of water after your workouts.

Yours truly in fitness, wellness & sweat,

Sweat-olution two weeks free challenge starts on the day of sign-up. Two weeks must be consecutive weeks. Each week will consist of three workout videos and one live workout session with the owner and master trainer for SWAZ Fitness and Wellness, Puneeta Dighe. Signing up for full package after the first two weeks is optional but recommended for results. CLEAN.FIT Box offer is only included with sign-up for the full package after first two weeks. Nutrition consultation included is a condensed version of a complete nutrition consultation and package. First two weeks free offer ends 02/18/19. Offer may be cancelled or withdrawn at the discretion of SWAZ Fitness and Wellness. All rights reserved. SWAZ Fitness and Wellness LLC.
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